Comprehensive Cloud-Based Protective Shield - Securing your web assets

As the Internet evolves at an accelerating rate, even security professionals can find it difficult to stay current on the multitude of ever-more-sophisticated threats and attack vectors that are possible via the Web. Thus, the need for Reblaze.

Reblaze integrates the world’s best security technologies into a single, unified platform, shielding your assets from the myriad of threats found on the Internet. A ‘Reblazed’ site inhabits its own private, secure cloud on the Internet, fully accessible to legitimate traffic but invisible to assailants.

We have decades of experience in technology and security, including extensive work with government agencies of both Israel and the United States. Reblaze has already accumulated an impressive track record of defeating Internet attacks against high-profile clients.

Our goal is for Reblaze’s robust Internet protection to be:

• Accessible to anyone with a web presence
• Easy to use
• And affordable


How it works?

Reblaze shields your data and web assets by protecting them within a Virtual Private Cloud, isolating you from Internet threats.
This means your web assets are no longer exposed to the broader Internet, and all the threats it contains. Instead, they are now protected within a secured cloud (which is fully compliant with federal and international information security standards)—a private, unique subset of the Internet that you control.
Into this environment, only legitimate traffic is allowed. All hostile traffic is excluded from your sites, apps, and services.

The problem

In a traditional network topology, all web traffic comes directly to your site.

This means your site must protect itself against whatever threats are within that traffic.


The solution

Reblaze shields your data and web assets (sites, apps, and services) by protecting them within a Virtual Private Cloud. This isolates them from Internet threats.

Here, the traffic flow is restructured. Instead of going directly to the web site, traffic is routed to Reblaze’s hardened Security Gateways, which are deployed around the world.

Legitimate traffic is allowed to pass through the Gateways to the web site, while hostile traffic is blocked.


Securing Your Web Assets

Reblaze excludes all forms of hostile traffic from your network. Unlike other security solutions which focus on a particular threat, Reblaze is effective against all forms of web attacks: hackers and intruders, DoS/DDoS, scraping and data theft, and more.

Since your web assets exist within a Virtual Private Cloud, any form of attack on your site can be filtered and blocked before it arrives.

Easy to Deploy

To shield your web assets with Reblaze, there’s nothing to install. A simple DNS change, and you’re done.

Many clients add Reblaze on top of their existing security infrastructure, as an extra layer of protection. Some clients use the full spectrum of Reblaze shielding, while others only use specific services (such as DDoS protection). The choice is yours, and you always remain in full control.

Easy to Use

Once Reblaze is deployed and configured, the platform does all the work for you. Our team of security experts stays on the cutting edge of Internet security, deploying countermeasures on your network immediately as new threats arise. Your protection is always up-to-date, with no action required on your part.