Office when and where you need it

Microsoft Office 365 allows users to work anywhere, any time and on any device. Everyone knows Microsoft Office and it was once only a desktop available set of applications until now...

Office 365 allows companies and users productivity like never before, access your data and work on the go from your work, home or even on the train. 

Why Office 365?

  • Built-in security along with compliance and privacy controls helps keep your data safe
  • With Microsofts' massive infrastructure you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime, all the time
  • Teamwork features are built directly into the core components giving you the ability to share quickly and easily with people in or outside your company
  • Business-class email means you no longer need to use that generic gmail or hotmail email address, Office 365 gives you the ability you to have a professional email address without it costing the earth
  • Fast setup and management means IT admins no longer need to spend time setting up and managing on premise exchange servers
  • Still the same great apps you know and love only better and accessible anywhere
365 apps.PNG

Here at SPA ICT Services we have proudly been supplying Office 365 to customers and business for over two years and are currently managing accounts for over 150 businesses, why not make you one of them.

For more information regarding Office 365 contact us here and we'll get you up running in no time.